The true cost of slashing the penalty rates of more than 12,000 workers in the Federal Perth Electorate will be discussed by those copping the brunt of this mean-spirited decision as Federal Member for Perth Tim Hammond hosts a Protect Penalty Rates forum alongside Shadow Minister Assisting for Workplace relations Lisa Chesters next week. 


Malcolm Turnbull’s ideological attack on lower income earners means one in every seven workers in the Federal Electorate of Perth have been forced to take a pay cut from 1 July 2017, while millionaires have enjoyed a healthy tax cut.


The Protect Penalty Rates Forum, to be held in the Bedford Bowls Club on Wednesday 20 September at 6pm, is an opportunity for those affected by a reduced income to discuss the harsh reality penalty rate cuts are creating for workers in the Federal Perth Electorate.


Many of these workers rely on weekend and after-hours income to keep food on the table and pay their bills.


Mr Hammond said industries which operate outside of regular hours including retail, hospitality, fast food and pharmacies were a vital lifeline of the Federal Perth Electorate community.


“Labor is the only party that can be trusted to reverse the cruel and heartless Turnbull Government decision to attack the hip-pockets of hard working Australians,” he said.


“The decision to cut the take-home pay of more than 12,000 people in my electorate has placed an unacceptable financial burden on workers from all walks of life.  


“These cuts are the thin edge of the wedge and if they aren’t reversed by a Shorten Labor Government you can bet your bottom dollar Turnbull and his anti-worker Coalition will continue to pick the pockets of some of the country’s lowest paid workers while refusing to make the big end of town pay their fair share.”


Ms Chesters explains that Government has to protect the penalty rates for Perth's lowest paid in retail, pharmacy and hospitality sectors.


"The Turnbull Liberal Government can't fool the West Australian people that they support anything other than big Eastern seaboard business,” she said.


“Millions of low income workers who rely on weekend penalty rates risk having their pay cut as employers continue to apply for penalty rates to be reduced across a range of other sectors.


“Next up on the chopping block are those in the hair and beauty industry. The hairdressing employers, the Australian Industry Group, have made an application, following upon the successful cuts to penalty rates in retail, in pharmacy and fast-food, made an application to lower penalty rates for 85,000 employees in this industry.


“As unemployment across WA rises there has been deep concern over cuts to penalty rates – penalty rates are not just a luxury; they are an essential part in people’s cost of living.”


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