Media commentary on dividend imputations

Click through to the articles below to read a cross section of media commentary on dividend imputation reforms. 

Tap the revenue leak: you can't argue with that – Sydney Morning Herald - Peter Martin

Keating backs ALP windback - Australian Financial Review - Phil Coorey

Ending unaffordable lurk is not a tax grab - Courier Mail - Paul Syrvet

Shorten plan meets fairness criterion – Sydney Morning Herald - Caitlin Fitzsimmons

Baby boomers cry, but Labor is right - Australian Financial Review - John Kehoe

How some of the wealthiest pay ‘negative tax’ - The Age - Ben Oquist

Paul Keating backs Labor's plan to axe cash refunds for wealthy investorsThe Guardian - Katherine Murphy

Dividend imputations reform is exactly what Labor should do - The Australian - Peter Van Onselen

Tax loophole: Labor to abolish ‘tidy little arrangement’ - - Malcolm Farr

Here’s How Rich Boomers Are Using An Extremely Sneaky Scheme To Steal Your MoneyJunkee – Osman Faruqi